The Mission of For Hope, Inc. is to enrich the lives of children and families affected by cancer.  Painting For Hope serves to support our mission by using painting as therapeutic release for those impacted by cancer.Image: For Hope Mission
We provide various support services and events to some very special people.  Our Paint Days for Children provide supplies to allow children to paint pictures of hope, or just express themselves however they see fit.  They can keep the pictures for themselves, or they can choose to donate a painting back to us so that they can help make a difference in the fight against cancer. We have also partnered with local hospitals through our Hospital Support Days to offer artistic support services to current oncology patients and their families.

We are able to further our program through general donations, selling Paint Kits, and auctioning or selling the paintings created through our events.  Currently, the support that comes in goes to support our events and purchase more supplies to continue the cycle of bringing hope and encouragement to children and families battling cancer.  A goal of ours is to not only continue our programs but to be able to fund the fight against cancer and support families in need.

Our programs can only survive with the support of other people that want to make a difference in the lives of others.  The work done is 100% on a volunteer basis, so join us and volunteer your time.


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