Our story

Our history originates with the hope of a 9 year old girl, Ansley. She wanted to honor her uncle whom she just 
lost to melanoma, and her Nana who was at the time battling pancreatic cancer.  She decided that a way that 
she could give back was to paint pictures of what “Hope” looked like to her, and offer them for sale as a way 
to raise money to donate to the American Cancer Society.

Throughout the process she had the support of her mother and the rest of her family.  With the help of a few 
of her friends she made over 70 different paintings and in that process was born the name of the event, 
”Painting for Hope”. Her mother contacted a friend and owner of Artsy’s Gallery who offered to use her gallery as the
 location to host the event. The local news picked up the story and further helped to spread the word.  In one 
Sunday this young girl made an impact in a battle that she was just as involved in as the rest of her family.  
She shared with the world her hope for a cure and more importantly for a positive attitude through trying times.

This inspirational event spurred on the establishment of For Hope, Inc as a local non-profit, and through that, Painting For Hope. We see this as an opportunity for other children to be able to
 express themselves. Whether they are battling cancer themselves, have a loved one that is, or just believe in the
 cause and want to be a positive light in this world. We want to encourage a healthy and creative outlet that inspires
 community, support, generosity, and most certainly, hope.

Original Flyer for that event:

Flyer for original event

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